Fawkes, Guy

Fawkes, Guy
   Fawkes was a native of Yorkshire and was brought up in the Church of England. In c. 1593 he converted to Roman Catholicism and, under the influence of Robert Catesby, he became involved in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. The plan was to store explosives in a cellar under the Houses of Parliament, set them alight when King James I was opening Parliament and to seize control of the government. Fawkes was deputed to light the fuse. The plot was discovered before it could be executed. Fawkes was arrested in the cellar and, under torture, he revealed the names of his fellow conspirators. All the plotters were put to death. This incident intensified anti-Roman Catholic feeling in England and, to this day, the defeat of the conspiracy is celebrated with bonfires, fireworks and a ritual burning of Guy Fawkes in effigy.
   H. Garnett, Portrait of Guy Fawkes: An Experiment in Biography (1962);
   H.R. Williamson, The Gunpowder Plot (1941).

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